Parent Rights 

(Notice of Procedural Safeguards)

(Aviso Sobre Las Garantias Procesales)


As the parent of a child who has or may have a disability, you have certain rights under federal and state laws. These are listed in the Notice of Procedural Safeguards. This notice of your rights must be given to you in your native language or in a means of communication you can understand. If you would like a more detailed explanation of these rights, you should contact the principal at your child's school, a school administrator, the special education director (see contact information below), or the Indiana Department of Education, Division of Exceptional Learners, Room 229, State House, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798; 317-232-0570 or (toll free) 877-851-4106.


You may download the Notice of Procedural Safeguards (Parent Rights) by clicking on a link below. 

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Notice of Procedural Safeguards July 2013 revision with additional local information and resources.


En Espanol Aviso Sobre Las Garantias Procesales (julio 2013) con la informacion y recursos local.




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Dubois and Pike County Office

(Condado de Dubois Oficina)

Pamela Bell, Director; The Exceptional Children's Co-op; 1520 Saint Charles St., Suite 2; Jasper, IN 47546; 812.482.6661, FAX:812.482.9381


Spencer and Perry County Office

(Condados de Spencer y Perry Oficina)

Pamela Bell, Director; The Exceptional Children's Co-op; 319 S. Fifth Street; Rockport, IN 47635; 812.649.9991, FAX:812.649.9997


Email: pambell at


Medicaid Notice


The Exceptional Children's Co-op bills Medicaid to recover costs for providing certain services including some evaluations, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.   Recovered amounts do not affect the amounts that can be billed by other agencies.  You may contact the Director of Special Education regarding questions or concerns.



Destruction of Records


The Exceptional Children's Co-op will maintain all special education records for at least three years after the student exits from the special education program.  After that time all paper records may be destroyed.  Some records, including digital records, may be maintained for longer periods.  For further information see Destruction of Records on page 9 of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards.


Aviso de Medicaid


El Exceptional Children's Co-op factura Medicaid para recuperar costos para proporcionar ciertos servicios inclusive algunas evaluaciones, terapia de discurso,terapia ocupacional y fisioterapia. Las cantidades recuperadas no afectan las cantidades que pueden ser facturadas por otras agencias. Usted puede contactar al Director de la Educacion Especial con respecto a preguntas o concierne.


Destruccion de registros


El Exceptional Children's Co-op mantendra todos registros especiales de la educacion hasta tres anos despues de las salidas de estudiante del programa especial de la educacion. Despues de que ese tiempo todos registros de papel seran destruidos.  Algunos registros electronicos podran mantenerse despues de ese periodo.  Para la informacion adicional ve Destruccion de Registros en la pagina 8 de la Aviso Sobre Las Garantias Procesales.


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